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Q: How long does Carbon’s program last?
We want to be there for you throughout the entire project, up to the game’s launch. 

Q: How many projects do you plan to support this year?
We plan to on-board up to 4-5 teams per year. Depending on demand, and the level of involvement with each team, we may create additional slots.

Q: What region of the world does Carbon support, for its program?
Our current focus is on projects from Eastern European indies. That being said, we are open to discuss collaborations on projects from other parts of the world, as well.

Q: Your program is cool, but I don’t have a project yet. Can I expect the same terms next year?
Directionally, yes. But, our industry is a fast-evolving one. In order to offer you the best possible deal, we reserve the right to adjust our offer, depending on demand and feedback from indies and partners.

Q: Do we have to work on-site, at Carbon’s office?
It is preferred, especially if you live in Bucharest, but it’s not mandatory. We will support remote teams as well (thanks, Internet!)


Q: What is your project selection criteria?
Our Application Review team consists of several Carbon founders and mentors, all of them being industry veterans with 10+ years of experience in the gaming industry. When reviewing an application, we will consider a number of factors, including the current development stage of the game, the team’s experience, production values, the game’s commercial potential, etc.

Q: My team is working on a game, but we don’t have a company set up. Can we still apply?
We can help with the company setup, but only in Romania, for now. You can still apply, and if we select your project, we can figure out the best way to proceed.

Q: In what stage of development should my game be, in order to apply?
At this point we’ll only onboard projects which at least have a working prototype or MVP build, which we can evaluate. That said, we’re open to having a conversation about projects even at concept stage, we’ll be happy to provide feedback and we can stay in touch until the game is more advanced.

Q: My game is already released but I would like advice. Can I still apply?

Q: I have two projects I want to apply with, is that possible?
Yes, you can apply with more than one project, in individual applications.

Q: Do you prefer a specific platform or genre?
No, you can apply no matter the platform or genre.


Q: You really don’t take any equity? Most incubators do that.
Really. We believe in keeping indies independent, and helping them grow by building successful products, together.

Q: Can you explain how your service tiers work?
There are three service tiers. On the basic level, you get mentorship, access to our contact network, admin services and working space & equipment. Second tier gives you access to development services, sponsorship for industry events, PR and publishing services.. Third tier includes development funding of up to 50,000 USD, either as a development grant or through rented development resources. In exchange for those services, you agree to give Carbon 10%, 20% or 30%, respectively, of the game’s revenues.

Q: How involved will Carbon be in the creative process? Who has the final say on matters?
We will be involved, by offering advice from industry veterans. You maintain your creative independence, though, this is an important value for us.

Q: You said something about funding. How does that work, do all accepted teams get 50K$?
Not necessarily. First of all, you have to figure out if you actually need the money, and for what (ideally you have a business plan in place, or we can help you with that if needed). Then, from the teams that apply for funding, our Application Review team will select the projects with the best potential. That being said, we have a lot to offer to teams, even without the cash funding.


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