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We take a unique approach to indie growth. Carbon believes that for an indie to succeed, long-term nurturing is the ideal path, up to the product’s completion.

Our focus lies in the product; we want to help you make the best game you can, and to develop your team’s skills in the process.

Carbon doesn’t commonly take equity or ownership. Your company will remain 100% independent. Therefore, our business model is based strictly on revenue-share: we share the risk with you and we are committed to help you succeed up to the product’s completion, and further.

100% Independence

100% Flexibility


Our offer is customizable, and tier based, allowing you to select the services that your team needs.

The package can include: working space & equipment, mentorship from industry veterans, development services, legal & accounting services, PR & marketing, sponsorships, publishing.
Additionally, select teams may be eligible for funding of up to 50 K$ in cash.

In exchange we’ll ask for 10-30% of the game’s net revenue, depending on the selected service tier, with funding/marketing investments being recouped first.

Tier 1

Carbon’s share:10% share of the game’s net revenues.

Application Closed

Working space & equipment

We offer a premium working environment, where you’ll be surrounded by fellow game developers, and access to the hardware and software equipment that you need.

 Access to the incubator’s network

By joining Carbon, you join its network as well, which includes experienced mentors, service providers, publishers and other key stakeholders.

Legal and financial consulting

We can help with the setup of your company, if needed, or any other legal or financial advice.

Tier 2

includes Tier 1 services

Carbon’s share: 20% share of the game’s net revenues.

Application Closed

 Development services

You gain access to services such as QA, Customer support and more, offered by experienced professionals.

Industry events participation

We will help you promote your game by participating at international industry events.


PR & Marketing

Carbon’s focus is on organic growth and guerrilla marketing, and we will use our resources to help your game reach a critical mass of users (target: 100K downloads).


 App stores publishing

We put your game on the market and work with our partners to have the game featured on the main distribution channels.

Tier 3

includes Tier 1 & 2 services

Carbon’s share: 30% share of the game’s net revenues.

Application Closed

50K$ development funding

We offer a development grant of up to 50,000 USD per project.

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